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Chronicles of Oz
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Monday, January 16th, 2012
6:46 am
Dinosaurs Are Cool Again...
I was watching the TV show, Dino Gangs last night.


When I was a kid, dinosaurs were big, slow, and stupid. Now, they're getting more credit for being fast and smart.

Take T-Rex *Tyrannosaurus rex* *<3 Wikipedia <3* for instance, it is often portrayed as being a large, dumb scavenger. Now there is a theory that it was an intelligent pack hunter.

Imagine being hunted by a pack of these monsters, each weighing in between 5 and 6.8 metric tons, standing around 13' tall at the hips.

How cool is that?

Well, maybe not if you're the one being hunted...

It flies in the face of the status quo, so of course, the theory is receiving a less than warm reception. We really are mammal-centric when it comes to considering the behaviour of dinosaurs. Nature and evolution are quite pragmatic, and they often reuse the same processes and techniques if they are successful, time and again, but only mammals could have developed pack hunting behaviour.


I'm going to have to read the book that the show was based on.

Dino Gangs: The New Biology of Dinosaurs
By: Phil Currie, Josh Young
Publisher: Collins (May 2011)
ISBN-13: 978-0007413393

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Sunday, January 8th, 2012
1:49 pm
Looking Forward...
2012 Movies--At Least The Ones That I Care About...

January 13:

The Iron Lady: I'm interested to see this one since she helped to inspire V For Vendetta.

Loosies: This comedy/romance is set in New York around the life of a pickpocket.

January 20:

Underworld: Awakening: This is the fourth movie in this vampire/werewolf series and it takes place after Underworld: Evolution. It looks like slick, fun brain candy.

January 27:

The Grey: Liam Neeson *<3 Wikipedia <3* is back, kicking ass in this tale of survival.

Man On A Ledge: An interesting twist on a heist movie.

February 3:

Chronicle: A tale of superheroes...

Safe House: Denzel Washington's latest thriller/adventure promises to be good.

February 17:

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance: I'm kind of surprised that this sequel e'en got made, but being the Marvel-fanboy that I am, I'll go see it. This also marks the first, of many, Marvel movies this year.

The Secret World of Arrietty: In the style of Spirited Away, this looks like a repackaging of The Borrowers.

March 2:

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters: I do love refunctioned fairy tales...

March 9:

John Carter: An adaption of Edgar Rice Burroughs' works. I'm a lil' nervous about this one--I saw a TV spot for it in the end of December, which bodes as a bad sign since the movie doesn't open 'til March.

The Raven: A refunctioning of Edgar Allan Poe's life. I almost expected Johnny Depp to star in this one, but in fact, it's John Cusack. This one looks interesting...

April 13:

The Cabin in the Woods: I'm not a big horror buff, but for Joss Whedon I'll make an exception...

May 4:

The Avengers: After all the teasers, we get the full deal. Unfortunately, Edward Norton won't be reprising his role as Bruce Banner, Mark Ruffalo will be taking o'er. This movie could go horribly wrong, but I have faith in Joss Whedon.

May 11:

Dark Shadows: Once again, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp team-up for another Gothic-horror tale...

May 25:

Men In Black III: I'm very dubious about this one--let's face it MIB II sucked long and hard. I suspect this will be the bomb of the summer.

June 1:

Snow White and the Huntsman: Another fairy tale refunctioning. May be good, may be not...

June 8:

Prometheus: Ridley Scott's latest that is rumoured to be to tied into the Aliens and Bladerunner universes.

June 15:

Jack the Giant Killer: Yet another refunctioned fairy tale. I guess 2012 is the year of the fairy tale. Bryan Singer always delivers fun brain candy.

June 22:

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: How could this possibly go wrong? Wait, don't answer that...

Brave: Pixar's first movie with a female protagonist. When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was a Disney movie *I know that Pixar is owned by Disney, but I'm thinking of the classic Disney animated movies...*.

July 6:

The Amazing Spider-Man: I love Spider-Man so I'm a lil' nervous about this reboot. I'm hopeful though...

July 20:

Batman III: The Dark Knight Rises: E'er since I saw the trailer, I've almost started counting down days 'til this one opens. I'm thrilled that they're calling it a day for this incarnation of the franchise.

August 3:

The Bourne Legacy: This is a spin-off set in the same universe as the Bourne Trilogy, but without Matt Damon. I don't know how this one will fare...

Total Recall: A remake of the 1990 sci-fi movie based on the works of Philip K. Dick. I really don't know if this one needed a remake.

August 17:

ParaNorman: This animated film reminds me a little of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book.

September 14:

Resident Evil: Retribution: This is #5 in the series. I have to admit that I missed #4, I didn't e'en know about it 'til I saw the DVD for sale in the store! It should be a slick, fun romp with Milla Jovovich.

October 5:

Frankenweenie: Tim Burton's take on Frankenstein, done in a similar style to The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Untitled Taken Sequel: Liam Neeson reprises his bad-ass role in this sequel. The fact that it doesn't have a title yet, makes me a lil' nervous.

October 12:

Parker: Another take on the Donald E. Westlake's *AKA Richard Stark* criminal antihero, Parker, who was most recently featured in the 1999 movie, Payback.

November 12:

Gravity: Sandra Bullock's first lead role in a scifi flick. Hopefully, it goes better than Demolition Man--she was nominated for a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actress!

December 7:

Les Misérables: A musical film adaption that will hopefully be better than the 1998 non-musical version.

December 14:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey *Part I*: Revisiting a series after a long time can be hit or miss--just look at Indiana Jones *IV* and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; some people loved it and some people loathed it... After seeing the trailer on the big screen, I'm eagerly looking forward to this one, as much as I'm looking forward to Batman III: The Dark Knight Rises.

December 21:

World War Z: In a brilliant bit of marketing savvy, this post-apocalyptic zombie movie opens on Winter Solstice, the end of the long count Maya Calendar. Unless, of course, December 21 really does herald the start of the Zombie Apocalpse...

Maybe I can catch this one as a sneak peak...

So those are the ones that tripped my radar. I neglected to comment on the lame 3D repackaging of previously released films.

The one movie that I didn't find a release date for is The Knights of Badassdom. The trailer looks like all kinds of RPG Geekery Goodness; in other words, LARPers rejoice!

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Saturday, January 7th, 2012
2:08 pm
Deadpool 2011 Results & Deadpool 2012...
Deadpool 2011 Results

Here are my picks for 2011...

Good news/bad news: My score Deadpool 2011 is a grand total of 0!

I missed the obvious ones like Amy Winehouse, 27, death by misadventure *Limey for alcohol poisoning; having 5x the UK legal limit!*, and Steve Jobs, 56, death by pancreatic cancer.

Methinks the biggest lost was Jack Layton, 61, died of cancer--Ottawa won't be the same without him.

So despite being late with my picks, Death has been busy...


6: Bob Holness, 83--> The second man to play James Bond *A radio play of Moonraker...*, cause of death unknown.

5: Richard Alf, 59--> The co-founder of San Diego Comic-Con, died of pancreatic cancer.

3 *Body found on this date...*: Bob Weston, 64--> Guitarist and songwriter for Fleetwood Mac, died from a gastrointestinal hemorrhage.

1: Bob Anderson, 89--> A former Olympic fencer who found his calling as a Swordmaster in Hollywood. You've seen his work, e'en if you haven't realized it--a brief list of the movies that he worked on as a swordmaster/fight choreographer:

  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey *2012*

  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy

  • The Princess Bride

  • Highlander

He also appeared as the stunt double for Darth Vader, and an uncredited Imperial Officer in Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

He died from unknown causes.

The 2012 Dead Pool: The Zombie Apocalypse Edition

Da Rules...

So pick 13 celebrities who are going to die! For 25 bonus points, name the cause of death as well. Post your unlucky 13 on this entry.

Oh yeah, you can't directly have a hand in said celebrity's death-- so dropping a baby elephant on Justin Bieber doesn't count, e'en if ya did predict it...

That being said, I'm also ruling Terry Pratchett, who has started the process of euthanasia because of early onset Alzheimer's, is inadmissible for the Deadpool since he's stated his intentions.

You subtract their age from 100 to get the point value for your score. You also get an extra 25 points if you nail the cause of death.


Lindsay Lohan --> I'm not having another Winehouse so here Lindsay stays! I'm going for the un-obvious choice of an aneurysm.

George Lucas --> Yes, George, I'm Force-crushing your head! Stroke for George. No more butchering of Episodes IV, V, and VI for you!

Keith Richards --> Heart attack. The question is, does it really count since he's been a zombie for years...

Justin Bieber --> So. Sick. Of. Bieber. Car wreck, drunk driving.

Bill Gates --> Plane crash.

Russell Brand --> Falling off the wagon big time--autoerotic asphyxiation.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi --> Cleaning up the trailer trash--barroom brawl.

Rosie O'Donnell --> Heart attack.

Samuel L. Jackson --> Brain tumour--“Oh, I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?”

Prince Charles --> No throne for you! Prostate cancer.

Stan Lee --> Sorry true believer, complications from pneumonia.

George Clooney --> He's going to stay a bachelor, fore'er! Heart attack.

Nichelle Nichols --> "Message from Starfleet, I'm dead..." Dies in her sleep, heart failure.

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11:01 am
Deadpool 2011 Catch-up...
By no means exhaustive... *<3 Wikipedia <3*


26: Joe Bodolai, 63--> A comedy writer on Saturday Night Live, died by suicide by poisoning. Well, you know what they say, "dying is easy, but comedy is hard..."
Too soon?

15: Eduardo Barreto, 57--> Another Marvel/DC comic book artist, best known for his work on Batman, died from complications of meningitis.

14: Joe Simon, 98--> Co-creator *with Jack Kirby* of Captain America, died after a brief illness.

7: Jerry Robinson, 89--> A Batman artist, and widely credited *although it is sometimes disputed* with the creation of the Joker, died in his sleep.

Harry Morgan, 96--> I remember him as Colonel Sherman T. Potter in the TV series, M*A*S*H when I was a kid, died of pneumonia.


24: Ludwig Hirsch, 65--> An Austrian singer and actor, who I have ne'er heard of, but he died of self-defenestration!

21: Anne McCaffrey, 85--> The writer of the Pern series, died of a stroke.


28: Alvin Schwartz, 94--> Used to work writing Batman and Superman in the Fifties. He created Bizarro, died of heart-related complications.

20: Muammar Gaddafi, 69--> Another US bogeyman dead, via being shot.

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Saturday, December 31st, 2011
8:19 pm
By The Way...
Happy New Year Everyone!!

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Wednesday, December 28th, 2011
9:31 am
Tintin Spoiler-free Review...
One of the two things that I gravitated to when I really started to read was Tintin, and the other was The Adventures of Asterix *<3 Wikipedia <3*. Anyway, Tintin first debuted January 10, 1929 and was created by Georges Prosper Remi who wrote under the pseudonym, Hergé.

I wasn't totally convinced that this was the best idea--I've seen plenty of things from my childhood butchered in the name of a quick buck; yes George, I'm thinking of you, and I'm mentally sticking pins in a voodoo doll of you *See the 2012 Dead Pool *coming soon...** for the reedits of Episodes IV, V, and VI!

This was a pleasant surprise. It had references to the original comic books. Surprisingly enough, it also had more contemporary pop culture references as well. Another surprise was that this film felt closer to a sequel for Indiana Jones than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull did. I'm still torn on the whole computer animation aspect--the backgrounds looked fantastic and real, but the human faces tried for realism, but subtly failed.

O'erall, I enjoyed Tintin, although I had my typical complaints about pacing. I give it a 7 out of 10. If you plan to see it in theatres, go early. One of the staff admitted to being surprised that this movie was still crazy-busy a week after its release. Not really surprising when you consider that it has had 83 years to build an audience...


Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D: For the love of the gods, George Lucas,

Go to your room and do something useful like Episodes VII, VIII, IX!
And for the record, Han shot first, and Darth Vader didn't scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
when he tossed the Emperor in Episode VI!!!!
/George Lucas Rant

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Part I): Awesome trailer! It recaptures the feel of LOTR fantastically! We get Part I before the Zombie Apocalypse...

Titantic 3D: Fuck you James Cameron. Fuck you so VERY hard!! It's all your fault that films are being dumped into 3D when they don't actually need to be in 3D! Just a blatant cash grab, ya greedy bastard. By the way, this is one of THE WORST trailers that I've e'er seen--it spoils 99% of the plot points of the film! Yes, we all know that the Titanic sinks, but I'm talking about the character story arcs; if you haven't seen Titanic and you want to, DON'T WATCH THIS TRAILER!!!!!!!!
/James Cameron & 3D Rant

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted: Another kick at the can. It might be entertaining--I do, after all, enjoy the penguins...

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
10:19 pm
The Darkest Hour Review--SPOILER-FREE...
I've got to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

It's become a bit of an X-mas Tradition/Cliché that monsters attack at X-mas. After all, just ask the Doctor. Or it could just be the sublimation of the inherent rage of having to be painfully nice to all of the obnoxious relatives that come a calling. Whatever the reason, X-mas equals monsters.

This film steps beyond the cliche a bit so it seems fresher than the typical horror movie fare. I would actually class this one as more of a suspense thriller on the horror movie spectrum as it stays away horror-porn end of the spectrum *e.g.: Saw*. This one is, by far, more thoughtful and clever.

This one stars Emile Hirsch *The Girl Next Door*, and Olivia Thirby *Juno. Together, they carry the film along nicely.

O'erall, I give The Darkest Hour, a 7 out of 10. It would have scored higher, but I'm rather fussy about pacing--I would have tightened it up some more...


Man on a Ledge: This looks like an interesting spin on the heist movie.

The Grey: Liam Neeson *<3 Wikipedia <3* takes another spin as a bad-ass professional in this action-adventure...

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5:07 am
Happy Winter Solstice!
Happy Winter Solstice!

From here out, the days start getting longer...

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Sunday, December 18th, 2011
8:51 pm
Survivor: South Pacific-->The END *SPOILERS!!*
Everything is under the cut...

SPOILERS and such...Collapse )

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Thursday, December 15th, 2011
12:32 am
Survivor SPOILERS...
Everything is under the cut...

Spoilers and such...Collapse )

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Thursday, December 8th, 2011
11:36 am
Survivor SPOILERS...
Everything is under the cut...

Spoilers and such...Collapse )

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Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
8:20 pm
Survivor SPOILERS!
Everything is under the cut...

Spoilers and such...Collapse )

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
9:43 pm
Survivor SPOILERS...
Everything is under the cut...

Spoilers and such...Collapse )

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
8:44 pm
Survivor SPOILERS!
Everything is under the cut...

Spoilers and such...Collapse )

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
11:21 pm
Survivor SPOILERS...
Everything is under the cut...

Spoilers and such...Collapse )

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Friday, October 28th, 2011
9:56 am
Business As Usual...
Yoinked from Firefly-blue...

You are The Devil

Materiality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession

The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition.

Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure and abandon, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This is a card about ambitions; it is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate or messy or wild - or ambitious. This, too, is a form of enslavement. As a person, the Devil can stand for a man of money or erotic power, aggressive, controlling, or just persuasive. This is not to say a bad man, but certainly a powerful man who is hard to resist. The important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only because you allow it.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

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Thursday, October 27th, 2011
12:04 am
This just in: Amy Winehouse, dead by alcohol poisoning, aka 5x the UK legal limit, otherwise known as "Death by misadventure."

Shocker there...

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
9:56 pm
Survivor Spoilers...
Everything is under the cut...

Spoilers and such...Collapse )

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Thursday, October 20th, 2011
9:23 am
Survivor Spoilers...
Everything is under the cut...

Spoilers and such...Collapse )

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
10:00 pm
Survivor Goodness...
Everything is under the cut...

Spoilers and such...Collapse )

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