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Survivor: Philippines... *SPOILERS*

The hits keep on coming...

Oh Matsing, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory... 4th straight defeat!

And all three of them keep walking past the Hidden Immunity Idol!

Bye-bye Russ!

Methinks a shake-up of the teams is happening next week.

Zane really should take notes from Tandang's Pete Yurkowski on being an evil mastermind. Abi-Maria let Pete know that she had the Hidden Immunity Idol. She also showed him the clue that led her to it, and where she had it stashed. Pete sneaked off, stole the clue, and planted it in RC's bag so it was visible. Abi-Maria saw it, and she went insanely ballistic. And nobody was any wiser to Pete's role in meltdown.

That's how an evil mastermind does it!

Lisa also seized on the opportunity to further the wedge between the two, and the fireworks.

My Final Five: Jonathan Penner, Jeff Kent, Denise Stapley, Malcolm Freberg, and Lisa Whelchel

I think that Jonathan Penner will take it. Third time will be the charm...

The tribes are: Kalabaw, Matsing, and Tandang

*Actually, they're yellow, but it looks like crap here...* *<3 Wikipedia <3*.

Survivor Order Voted Out... Comments
Jonathan Penner ? voted out. Previous seasons: Survivor: Cook Islands & Micronesia. Is 3rd time a charm?
Jeff Kent ? voted out. One of the 2 non-Survivor celebs this season; a retired baseball player.
Dana Lambert ? voted out.
Sarah Dawson ? voted out.
Katie Hanson ? voted out.
Carter Williams ? voted out.
Russell Swan 4th voted out. He literally almost died on Survivor: Samoa. So much for God's "perfect man" *snort*.
Denise Stapley ? voted out.
Malcolm Freberg ? voted out.
Angie Layton 3rd voted out. The sex card needs to be a lot more subtle...
Roxanne "Roxy" Morris 2nd voted out. Thank the Gods! OUT whiny Xian, OUT!
Zane Knight 1st voted out. Delusions of evil mastermind-hood or not.
Michael Skupin ? voted out. The original "man on fire"--fell into a fire on the 2nd season, Survivor: Australia
Abi-Maria Gomes ? voted out. Crazy, psycho alert!
Lisa Whelchel ? voted out. The other outside celeb--the character, Blair Warner, on The Facts Of Life
Roberta "RC" Saint-Amour ? voted out. Talks tough, but lacks the viciousness to see it through...
Artis Silvester ? voted out.
Peter "Pete" Yurkowski ? voted out.

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