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Survivor: One World--Late Picks and SPOILERS...

Here's my late picks:

Final Five: Chelsea Meissner, Jay Byars, Jonas Otsuji, Greg "Tarzan" Smith, and Leif Manson.

Methinks that it'll come down to Chelsea and Jonas with the win to Chelsea.

I'm trying to not get invested in this season, since I have a night class on Wednesdays, but I'm sort of failing...

The initial episodes were reeking with stereotypical cliches as the tribes were split along gender, Men vs. Women. Unlike other seasons, both tribes were sharing the same space, pre-merge. Redemption Island was put out to pasture for this season as well.

I really hope that Alicia Rosa goes home soon--she's a special kind of obnoxious! Kat seems to be not the brightest bunny in the forest. Leif Manson has the distinction of being the first little person on Survivor. I'll have to spend the season resisting the urge to be an asshole, and crack Little People jokes. That being said, I can't help hearing/saying "Little People" with a cheesy Irish brogue.

Kourtney Moon got taken out of the game when she landed badly on her wrist in the very first challenge--as in multiple-broken-bones-in-her-wrist-requiring-surgery-bad. Instead of continuing the challenge, the Men decided to take an easy win. Methinks that it has set the tone for the season.

I was also pleasantly surprised when the male musclehead alliance of four got the rug ripped out by the other five guys on the Men's tribe, and the head musclebound rooster, Matt Quinlan, got his head chopped off in the first blindside of the game. All this was orchestrated by Colton Cumbie, a gay Republican.

Yes, a gay Republican. What the fuck's with that?! Isn't that an oxymoron? How can you be a proud member of party that loathes you on general principles? I was initially rooting for him until that came out of his mouth! I'll take Cognitive Dissonance for $300, Alex.

He was also given a Hidden Immunity Idol by Sabrina Thompson--this isn't as stupid as it sounds, giving away a Hidden Immunity Idol. The Idol that she found works only for the guys--the women's Hidden Immunity Idol is still waiting to be discovered. Coltan used it to leverage his way into forming the everyone-else-guy alliance.

Tonight, I didn't have a class so I caught the episode "live" *I have also been watching episodes online as well...*.

To coin a phrase, What. The. Fuck?!

Coltan tried to get rid of Bill Posley first off because he really didn't like Bill, but the vote settled on Matt Quinlan instead. Tonight, early in the episode, Leif let it slip to Bill that he had a near miss at the last Tribal Council. At the Immmunity Challenge, it wasn't e'en a challenge; the Men blew the Women out of the water. The ladies didn't e'en finish the 2nd step of the 4 part challenge.

So the women, are going to Tribal Council, right?


Bill tried to talk to Coltan to sort things out. Coltan tried to dismiss and ignore him, but Bill kept pushing. It's hard to judge who was clearly in the wrong. Coltan for being a dismissive asshole or Bill for being a bully.

As a group, the guys decided to GIVE UP the Immunity Idol and head to Tribal Council. The women were "SWEET!" and off the hook. The reason given for their urgent desire to go to Tribal Council was Leif's "betrayal of trust".

When they walked in, Jeff was WTF?!; it was a first for Survivor, that a team gave up immunity. The true target, Bill, became quickly obvious. Coltan, from a wealthy background, nailed the slimey Republican feel with a dismissive speech that targeted Bill's less prosperous economic background. Coltan maintained that it wasn't a race issue, but rather Bill's behaviour. Coltan has plenty of African-American friends, although when pressed by Jeff, he couldn't recall any names, save for the family maid. Tarzan also gave a speech that rang discordantly/oddly.

Bill got voted out. It remains to be seen whether this was a brilliant move or a brillantly stupid move...

I think that Coltan is only a first act villain--I don't think that he'll last past the halfway point of the season, e'en with a not-so-secret Hidden Immunity Idol. I think that he'll get more cocky and get blindsided. They hinted that the merger was happening next episode, which seems kind of early or perhaps the tribes are being mixed up, which would cut off Coltan's power base...

So far, Season 24 is surprisingly good, despite a rocky start.
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