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One For The Money--Spoiler-free Review...

The last movie that I caught Katherine Heigl *<3 Wikipedia <3* in was the movie, Killers *Spoiler-free Review* *2010*. It was her first movie after Grey's Anatomy and it was kinda crappy.

This one isn't much better. It suffers from the same problem: it's neither fish, nor fowl.

Well, maybe it is foul...

Joking aside, the main problem is that this film has a rom-com vibe, but it goes against that grain with the subject matter. It is either too funny to be serious or too serious to be funny. The writers should have taken a page from the Lethal Weapon series on the use of humour in a gritty action movies.

The other problem is the acting--I know that it is January and all, and that I shouldn't get my hopes up, but still. Heigl codes in this role. Somebody else should have been the female lead--Heigl is good at being ditzy, and that's about all. The male lead, Jason O'Mara, was summed up by Falan as "being a flat Mel Gibson". He tries to be all charming and fails.

O'erall, I give One For The Money a 5.8 out of 10. The plot holes were also kind of spectacularly painful as well. It's a pity that it isn't handled better--it could have been spun into a franchise. There's plenty of source material since it is adapted from a series by Janet Evanovich *Her name was prominently featured on the movie pass.*. The first book in the series shares the same name as this movie.



Gone: This might be a good thriller...

Moonrise Kingdom: This one looks like it is full of WIN!!! It has <3 Bill Murray <3, Edward Norton, and Bruce Willis in it, to name just a few. Look for this one in May 2012!!
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